Kevin Cowell



I AM A SELF-TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPHER AND MY MAIN SPECIALITY IS PANORAMIC LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY. Using a Box Brownie, given to me by my Grandfather, at the age of 7, I captured my first photograph – a rose.

After leaving school I attended South Devon College of Art and Technology and enrolled on the interior design course. Part of the course involved photography and I was hooked after processing and printing my first black and white film. My passion for photography overtook the desire to be an interior designer.

My photography took a natural course, photographing a variety of subjects. Landscapes being one of many. However, I started a business mainly taking portraits and wedding photographs.

Whilst traveling to Australia and spending time in Sydney, my captivation with photography took a spectacular turn when I discovered the all-encompassing view of the panoramic camera. This encounter with the format, through a lucky meeting with top Australian panoramic photographer Ken Duncan, unleashed a variety of creative possibilities and distinguished myself as a landscape photographer. This experience has enabled me to take my photography to new higher levels.

Straightaway on my return to England, I investigated the panoramic format further. Using a Widelux swing lens camera, with limited shutter speeds, I produced images for an exhibition in 2001 which was a great success. Moving up to a Fuji 617 panoramic camera, along with a Hassleblad Xpan, I produced further exhibitions throughout the country and culminated in the release of my first book Devon Riviera Moods.

On the back of the growing interest in my work, I have opened my own gallery in my hometown of Torquay.

At The Gallery where I am based, I print and frame my work. Also studio portraits, passport photos and product shots are photographed here.

Photographic services keeping you in focus!